Where local talent meets local companies and local jobs.

CareerPath CrossRoads is a simple idea, whose time has come. With so many people affected by COVID-19, there is a disconnect between employers who are looking to hire and the people who are looking for work.

CareerPath offers a simple to use solution for both employers looking to hire, and job seekers needing employment. CareerPath is an enterprise SaaS solution. We have both a web and mobile toolkit for job seekers and learners where we post information on local businesses in ‘channels’, which are categorized to suit your business. Each listing is an opportunity to introduce your company, describe the jobs you are seeking to fill and the skills needed for the job seeker to be a good candidate.

Listings are rich, active content – add video’s, webcasts, social media links, descriptions, photos and more – any type of web content that will aid in describing your company, and the opportunities that exist for employment.

For the job seeker, CareerPath offers a place to explore, discover, prepare and launch a Career. With built in skill and interest assessments, content related to their job search, the chance to hone their soft skills, and access to thousands of jobs within their local region.
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CareerPath CrossRoads is a localized solution, offered by region, and provided to all students and job seekers for free. We partner with local chambers of commerce, schools and workforce boards to augment our Marketplace, and drive more views of your content.

Joining CareerPath is simple and cost effective, for large companies or small businesses. Join today to help develop your local CrossRoad, and directly connect to those looking for jobs.

Packages Available


  1. Full Business Listing
  2. One posting per week in our daily Jobs Bulletin
  3. One listing update per month
  4. Free First Month listing included in setup
  5. Pay annually and save (last month free)!

CrossRoad Connector

  1. CrossRoads, plus…
  2. Twice weekly posting in Jobs Bulletin
  3. One “Job Alert” push notification per month to audience
  4. Two listing updates per month included

CrossRoad Builder

  1. Connector, plus…
  2. Daily posting in daily Jobs Bulletin
  3. Three “Job Alert” push notification per month
  4. Weekly listing updates
  5. 7-day “Sponsor Splash Screen” each month

Education Provider ( Standard )

  1. Designed for independent learning programs with <500 member/student
  2. Full listing
  3. Once weekly posting/notification in our daily jobs bulletin distributed to all regional users
  4. One listing update per month included
  5. First Month listing included in setup
  6. Pay annually and save (last month free)!

Education Provider ( Premium )

  1. Designed for schools and larger learning providers with >500 member/student
  2. Engineer, plus…
  3. Daily posting/notifications in our daily jobs bulletin distributed to all regional users
  4. Three “Announcement” push notifications per month to audience
  5. Weekly listing updates
  6. Listing in “Resources” tab

Coming Soon

CrossRoads portal - so employers can generate their own listing, and track activity

ToolsEmployer ForesightTM Dashboard

Enabling the Longtail Recruitment Pipeline

While no one can see into the future, there are some that have a knack for predictions. But, if you have cooperation and the right tools available, seeing into your future RECRUITMENT PIPELINE is now possible.Knowing how many potential recruits are in your local marketplace would be a powerful tool to have available in order to determine how much work your company can take on, and if the market can support your desired growth. While no one can see into the future, Artificial Intelligence combined with predictive analytics can allow for Foresight.

CareerPath coined the term ‘longtail recruitment pipeline’ to describe the way our employer solutions work in conjunction with our Micro LMS toolset in order to visualize hyper local networks of job seekers at various levels of preparedness. By offering tools for students to develop skills as soon as freshman year in high school, we can create a view into the future of potential candidates with the skills to match any employers needs. By developing better job descriptions based on industry wide skill profiles, CareerPath helps employers create a recruitment ecosystem that provides insights, data, expected recruitment opportunities, and near term hiring expectations within seconds.


We have embedded a long list of features into our platform. For the end-user (job seeker or student) CareerPath offers:

Push Notification
Robust Reporting
Development of Customized Groups and Sub-groups
Custom Channels
Milestone Delivery
Activity Posting
Sponsorship and Customisation Options

Customized Solutions for Individual Pathways

One size does not fit all. That is why CareerPath is a flexible and highly customizable solution for pathway creation and dissemination. Our white labeled solution for workforce boards, associations and employers helps to transform training and recruitment programs into hyper local longtail recruitment pipelines.

What does this mean for organizations? Money saved in recruitment, add placements, wasted time reviewing resumes, better employee retention and a clear view into your entire recruitment funnel. Sound too good to be true? Click for a demo and see for yourself how CareerPath is transforming the HR stack by delivering longtail recruitment solutions.

ToolsMicro LMS

Why Micro LMS? CareerPath believes skill development should be accessible anytime, anywhere. We built our platform with the end-user in mind. Simple to use, available on both desktop and mobile devices, and completely customizable. Our objective is to roll out customized pathway solutions that engenders community participation to best serve our hyper local networks of people and companies.

To us, micro means powerful in a small package. We partner with content providers and elearning platforms to bring customized pathways to life for the organizations we serve.


We have embedded a long list of features into our platform. For the end-user (job seeker or student) CareerPath offers:

Completion Tracking
Customised Reporting
Access To Multiple Pathways
Rich Media Integration

Our Micro-LMS solution for job seekers works across device platforms and is available online, in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. We have carefully curated partnerships with other SaaS providers to deliver end-to-end solutions for our client partners. Each system launched is customized to fit the specific needs of the organization or company we are serving, along with the content needed and marketing solutions required to engage the intended audience.

Click for a quick preview of our Micro-LMS in action. To schedule a demo, click here.