CareerPath is bridging the recruitment gap for the manufacturing and healthcare industries, from education to employment. In order to accomplish this, we work with groups on both ends of that spectrum including: employers, educators, workforce boards and individual learners, who are looking to gain the skills needed to be better candidates for the career they seek.

CareerPath focuses on two key concepts in order to serve these groups: 1)candidate engagement and training, and 2)improving the employer human capital management through our long-tail recruitment process. Our solutions are customizable, allowing our client partners to signpost their own content, skill requirements and activities in order to engage their constituents.

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Solutions ForWorkForce

Helping workforce agencies leverage existing hyper-local networks of schools, training centers and employers, CareerPath brings it all together to deliver a comprehensive and customizable human capital training and recruitment system that is unrivaled.

With a focus on helping your workforce agency engage dislocated workers and job seekers in a custom designed program to fit the unique needs of your local employer base, CareerPath can also integrate other disparate systems and technologies to become your white-labeled ‘complete pathway’ solution.

Solutions ForIndustry

Recruitment solutions have not kept up with the times – especially for entry level talent who rely on job postings, temp agencies and job fairs to build connections with potential employers. The largest complaints heard from HR folks is that the students and younger workers they are hiring just don’t have the skills they need to be productive quickly. The skills gap is well documented, and costs businesses billions of dollars a year in recruiting, rehiring, retraining costs to replace workers who leave within 6-months of employment.

CareerPath is working together with our partner companies, schools and workforce agencies on a better way forward. It is called ‘Long Tail Recruitment.’

‘Long Tail Recruitment’ is a human capital management solution whose time has come. We help employers create better job descriptions, close their skill gaps, develop a talent pipeline, track it, nurture it, and improve their recruitment & retention profile.

CareerPath helps you reduce hiring costs, improve retention, and maintain insight into your local candidate marketplace.

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Solutions ForEducation

Creating pathways to employment is a daunting task for educators already overburdened with providing quality education to students.

CareerPath delivers a powerful student engagement toolset designed to lessen the burden of educators, improve communications to students and their parents, while delivering customized pathway curriculum through our micro-LMS mobile delivery platform.

If your school is struggling to deliver pathways to college or the workforce, give CareerPath a serious look.