Our Story

CareerPath was founded in 2014 in order to help more students engage in the career planning process. Since that time we have had the chance to work alongside some amazing people and institutions. Solving traditionally difficult challenges takes time, but the team at CareerPath has resolved, and proven their metal, ensuring the company finds a productive way to bridge the gap between learning and doing.

We are a dedicated and determined group, and we welcome those who share our resolve to help as many young people as possible find their way to fulfilling and meaningful life’s work.

The future is bright and exciting. If you’re a student, an employer, a school, a workforce board, or anyone else who shares in the vision, we would love to hear from you!

Our Mission

CareerPath seeks to fill the gap between education and the workforce, by developing innovative tools and services that educate, inform and enable career confidence.

Advisors & Investors

CareerPath is proud and grateful of our outstanding group of advisors and investors who have helped us craft the company from inception to present day, with the purpose of helping young people gain understanding, develop skills
and enabling career confidence.

  • John Creaton, Founder & CEO, Planet Arborist Ltd
  • Gil Carey, Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Planet Arborist Ltd
  • John Rose, Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group
  • Herbert Allen Jr. Businessman
  • Adam Richichi, CEO, Dental Associates
  • Michael Nicastro, CEO, Continuity
  • Kathleen Lindenmayer, Director, Career Success Center at Western Connecticut State University and Captain, USN (Retired)
  • Kevin Bouley, President, NERAC Inc.
  • Jesse Bardo, Director, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Tyler Carey, CRO Westchester Publishing
  • Tara Spain, VP Travelers Foundation & Community Relations
  • Lisa Gavigan, Director, Career Services, Wheaton College


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